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Feb '11
cosmind does ios CosMind // 06:10 // 2 replies
this afternoon, i submitted my first ios video game to apple.  if all goes well during the approval process, the game should be up on the app store jungle somewhat soon-ish.  oh no, there's Cow Trouble!

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Apr '09
something just happened CosMind // 04:02 // 45 replies


if either the site or the game breaks, please let me know.

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Nov '08
CosMind's to-play list - you can help! CosMind // 19:58 // 23 replies
edit so, i'm getting ready to finally put glum buster into beta testing.  after nearly 4 years of active development, it feels pretty surreal.  but, what's even more surreal is the fact that i've only played a hand full of video games since i started developing gb.  but!  alas!  the time has very nearly come for me to dive into a sweet binge of gaming glory to consume all of the goodness that i've been missing out on over these past years.
game's done.  time for me to play other folks' games :D

so, help me out!  i'm in need of pointers to what sweet play things i've neglected.  fire me off suggestions for any video games on any platforms that you feel i should include in my upcoming hours and hours of joy.  so far i have:

-- seiklus (complete!)
- the cleaner
- super mario galaxy
-- world of goo (complete!)
-- loco roco (complete!)
- patapon
- castlevania: order of ecclesia
- boom blox
- pixel junk eden
- pixel junk monsters
- braid
- bionic commando rearmed
--portal (complete!)
- ratchet and clank 5
- metal gear solid 4
- fable 2
- rondo of swords
- okami
- resident evil 4
- the legend of zelda: twilight princess
- little big planet
- fire emblem: path of radiance
- fire emblem: radiant dawn
- knytt
- knytt stories
-- left 4 dead (played it at a friend's.  it's an fps with nothing fundamentally new.  didn't really grab me.)
- steambot chronicles
- mother 3

help me get this list bigger-ed!

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Jul '08
what the mess is that cat doing? CosMind // 21:17 // 9 replies
just a quick status update on glum buster progress - lest i be thought of as lethargic ;)

- sfx generation and implementation (many o' these, so it'll take a bit o' time)
- music implementation
- 'tis all, not much, eh?

beta coming soon(ish).

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Apr '08
features feature CosMind // 06:27 // 8 replies
So so so, Glum Buster is now feature complete - save music (wink, wink, Mr. You-know-who-you-are).
I'll be spending the next couple/few weeks adding in final nuance and making a layer 1 polish pass.
After that?  A healthy hard beta test period.  After that?  Release into the wild.

Enjoy what's left of your Saturday eve, dear reader.

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