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Game Maker
The programming tool we use. Simple to use, yet very powerful in game creation.

The Game Maker Community
Where many of our members are recruited from, and the main forum associated with Game Maker.

A professional site, can be helpful if you are after general theories in game design.

A very useful place to go to if you are after articles on specific issues of game design.

Loads of links leading to other pages, programming, graphics, etc...


Game Maker Games
One of the leading GM game review/archive sites on the web.

Retro Remakes
UK based website which annually hosts a competition to find the best remake of the year. We are currently on a winning streak with their competitions, winning both 2004 (with BitPimp's Legend of Shadow) and 2005 (with Pug Fugly's Horace & The Spiders).

Independent Gaming
A very well written blog, with a review on a brand new indie game every day.


Mozilla Firefox
What this website is best viewed in. Rediscover the web with Firefox. And ditch all your other browsers :)

OverClocked ReMix
A superb site which hosts a massive collection of remixed video game tunes.


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