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It's Tetris. No crazy clowns though.
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This isn't just another Tetris clone.  What sets this game apart from the rest are quite a few things:

Primarily the graphics are outstanding, although it could use a few more special effects during gameplay.  Overall, however, the visuals all flow together smoothly.

Second of all, the user interface and functionality is outstanding.  The menu is very user friendly and the options are easy to navigate and plentiful.

The biggest plus for me is the statistics and online high scores.  This game lets the user compete with others through the online high score table, and each user's stats for each high score are displayed online in a well designed website.

Quite a good remake, that could use with only a few improvements.  My main complaint is the lack of visual effects in the tetris game, such as a glow when a row is destroyed.  Another problem is the slow moving highlighter for the menu options.  I believe that it should move a bit faster.  I think there were also a few hover images missing for some clickable things in the high score table and the options menu.  One major option missing was resolution changing in-game.

Besides the short list of problems, this game is a job well done.  Outstanding programming skill in my opinion, and worth the download if you're into Tetris games.
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