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Jumper Redux
Ogmo is back. High death counts are unavoidable.
Created by
Matt Thorson Matt Thorson

Last Update


Number of Players
1-4/Online Multiplayer

Game Contains
Suitable for all

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Jumper set the GMC alight when it was first released. It was a platformer with a difference. Yes it was just your simple jump and run technique - hence the name Jumper, but the game made you rethink the way you jump about. Fiendishly difficult levels made you plan out your path before you committed yourself to an extremely high death rate. Good thing the game didn't have a lives system, otherwise the game would be over before you knew it.

Now, it's got the Eo treatment and redone by the very man who created Jumper in the first place. Jumper Redux contains the original levels from Jumper, jazzed up with brand new graphics and music. Also, there are brand new levels in the form of mode Redux, to make you pull your hair out even further. The most important addition to the series though is multiplayer. You can now race through levels with your chums online.

The addictive gameplay is back, the high deaths, the frustration - and now you can share it with a friend. Download Jumper Redux now.
Matt Thorson a.k.a. YoMamasMama

Main Graphics
Gerson Luca a.k.a. BBaller

Tim a.k.a. Escapader
Ben Briggs

Simon Donkers

Ismail Ali a.k.a. Hyun

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