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Cirq de Jemz
Rotate those gems!
Created by
BBaller BBaller

Last Update

Match 3

Number of Players

Game Contains
Windows 8 Only

Download Link

Cirq de Jemz is not your typical Match 3 game!
You still have to match similar gems,
but you do it in a completely new way!
You do it by rotating the game board!
There is an empty space on the board that allows gems to fall.
You influence which gems fall by locking any one gem at a time.
Match as many gems as you can before time runs out!

Cirq de Jemz includes 3 game modes:

Make as many matches as you can before time runs out! Time is added every time you make a match. Match the bonus gems to reset your time completely.

Make the required number of matches in each level to stay alive!

Match the random gem type before time runs out!

GL Games Cirq de Jemz! Learn to play with the in-game tutorial! Go fo the high score in Normal mode! Each level gets harder in Survival mode! How long can you stay alive in Time Trial mode?

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