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Mar '10
HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Mecha // 21:18
Help me with my boxes would ya? This movin in business is tough!

Hi my name is Chris Geehan, and I am one half of HyperDuck Music Studios.

I was told to make a post to say that Dan (Byrne-McCullough) & I have joined the community. Dan does not chime in on the community as much, just because he doesn't enjoy forum trolling like I do, but he knows everything I know, and one other thing, which he won't tell me. Git.

We're a two man/boy/duck team of two! That's right, the grammar.. thing. And we are freelance audio contractors, or freelance soundtrack composers, or freelance sound effects designers! Essentially, we are freelance in most of our work to date, and we're quite flexible as well, in terms of what type of work we can do, and our yoga teacher is always calling us benders, so we must be flexible! Hm.

It is good to finally move in here and even better to be welcomed with such warmth by the community. So without further delay, I give you..


http://www.hyperduck.co.uk for all our latest official updates that we're publicly allowed to talk about (yay freedom)
http://hyperduck.blogspot.com for my own (Chris) random blabberings/bloggerings. Besides the Eo-Community Blogposts, which.. I just.. saw, yes.

Thanks again, nice to be here.
Chris & Dan.

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Mar '10
Re: HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Arkatox // 01:21
Oh, yeah, I remember you guys! You guys made the Iji soundtrack, didn't you. Pretty cool music. It was all really similar, though.

So do you guys digitally compose?

Mar '10
Re: HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Kriteer // 01:37
EPIC WIN!  Iji's soundtrack is so amazing!  
+4 to love for EO.

Mar '10
Re: HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Chris Geehan // 00:58
@Ark: Yeah we did the iji soundtrack, like 2 years ago, was our first time recording. I think consistency was the musical direction Dan Remar asked us for, so we gave him that, even though some of the tunes were in 4/4 and others in 7/4. I don't think it was that similar to be honest :) We use Cubase Studio 5 as our home recording studio base. We use both acoustic and electronic instruments within our compositions, and our new material is much cleaner and more polished sounding than the over-compressed newbie sound we had on Iji. In saying that, we will release a remake of the Iji OST for those who enjoyed it, later this year, probably in the fall of 2010.

@Krit: Thank you for the love!

Poke us at our website if you have anymore questions.

Mar '10
Re: HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Arkatox // 00:15
A remake of the Iji music? Cool! Do you know if Dan will put the new music in a new version of Iji?

I was going to say he should use it in the sequel, but I just remembered he decided not to have a sequel, since there are alternate endings (one Dan Kataiser dies, the other you save him) and he doesn't know which are canon.

And DUDE why do I always go off topic on things like this, lol?

Mar '10
Re: HyperDuck Music Studios, have just moved in. Chris Geehan // 10:19
I don't think there is any plans to release a new version in sync with the new music, but the music will be intended to fit directly into the game without any hitches.

I have been speaking to Dan recently, but about nothing in particular, favourite types of socks etc. The usual. Don't worry man, I rant 25/7 it's all good :) You think THATS a rant? Don't get me started!

The remake will include Organ Smash, as for some wild reason that song got a lot of love, really glad I released it on the iji OST as a bonus track :) Tis a wacky one.

Again, post on the http://hyperduck.co.uk if you have any more questions, always up for talking about this! And anything for that matter. Within reason. To nothing. What? Wait.. just go to the website and open the iji news thread, I will see you there ;)

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