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Feb '10
Ur . . . forum, if you could call it that. Arkatox // 18:22
Okay, you should really have the ability to register on your forum. I know from many experiences, that letting guests post is NOT a good idea. If you don't know what I mean, you've never been to a forum where it allows guests, and also where those jerks from HC get on.

Guests are just stupid. Please either make it so that people can register, or make it so that NOBODY but members can post.

Actually, either way, make it so that guests can't post.

Feb '10
Re: Ur . . . forum, if you could call it that. Shaltif // 19:22
I can understand your concern for allowing anyone to respond to an existing topic (we've been around many forums with such 'features'), but at the moment we have no plans to change the current setup (at least, not in the near future).

When we originally came up with the idea for a public forum, we had several discussions on how to manage user accounts.  Unfortunately, there are several technical issues that come into play that could potentially cause conflicts with our private forum (from which this public forum is based around).  Since we are still testing the waters on how the public forum will work and function as a part of Eo, we decided to not worry about keeping track of that aspect right now, at least until we see how popular the service becomes and if a need arises.


Mar '10
What's a musician gotta do to get into this joint? Chris Geehan // 01:10
Hey guys,

Dan Remar was talking to me and said he had recommended me for joining the Eo Community, I was actually quite interested in doing this a while back, and I still am, he also said there was a positive reaction on the community side for having me join, which (if true, don't fail me now Remar!) is very heartwarming.

In light of this new forum design, and an open window to post as a guest, at the very least, I'd love to hear back from you guys on when/if I can(or am at all able) join the Eo Community. I've a lot of love to give and a love so strong should be shared, also, I like a lot of the people on the Eo Community, and what they're doing for games. It's great, and I think I would fit in here. Not tootin el horn, just saying I would still like to join if the offer still stands.. just, let me know either way!


Oh. My website is http://www.hyperduck.co.uk and if you're wondering who I am, I'm Dan Remars musical hands, I wrote most of the iji music, with my musical team of one other, Dan Byrne-McCullough (he rocks)

Mar '10
Re: Ur . . . forum, if you could call it that. xyon // 11:21
I would just like to chime in and say that if you made an actual forum, I would definitely join it ;)

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